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Beautiful Dutch Split Blue And White Mini Lops. £50.00

Date Posted: 21-02-2018

Three absolutely stunning mini lop kits in Dutch split blue and white, and one blue self. Ready to view from 28th January and ready to leave from 28th February. Beautifully marked grey and white kits, one all blue, photos to be uploaded to this website in the next two weeks as they grow. 

Current photos show similar lops from a previous litter, the new kits are too young to disturb just yet. They are solid grey and white, not chinchilla. Very unusual colours for lops.

They can live indoors very happily as they love being part of the family, We have cats and dogs so they will be used to interacting with other animals. If kept outdoors, they must be in pairs and kept in a very warm, dry hutch preferably in a garage/shed during winter. Rabbits are happiest in pairs or small colonies provided bucks are neutered, it's unfair to keep a single rabbit outdoors.

Rabbits should live in pairs with bucks being separated from does by 12 weeks, neutered at 14-16 weeks. It is not possible to guarantee the gender in kits aged under 12 weeks so please bear this point in mind. Choosing very young kits means accepting uncertainty on gender and taking appropriate action by 12 weeks as explained above.

If you would like to see them and learn more about rabbit care, please contact me for an appointment to visit.

CALL : 07595766165

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