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Next Windows 10 update to boost ransomware protection

27-07-2017 00:00:00

Following multiple high-profile ransomware attacks, Microsoft has said that the next major update to Windows 10 will contain a new tool that may keep users safe.

The latest Windows 10 Preview Build released to some Windows Insiders on Wednesday has added a new feature called "controlled folders," Microsoft says. The new feature aims to protect files from malicious apps and other threats by monitoring changes made to contents within a controlled folder.

The documents, pictures, movies and desktop folders are automatically added as controlled folders, which cannot be changed by users.

Microsoft says that users will get a notification if any malware or blacklisted applications attempt to change a protected file. Windows Insiders can activate controlled folders via the Windows Defender Security Centre under Virus & Threat Protection in settings. Users can also allow apps they trust to make changes. Trusted apps can be added through the Controlled Folder Access Panel.


While we don’t recommend using Windows Defender as your antivirus, it’s welcome that Microsoft is reinforcing it with ransomware protection. However, it’s vital the company keeps its blacklist accurate so you don’t have to repeatedly allow safe programs.

We have noticed a worrying rise in false-positive results from security software.

Antivirus developers need smarter ways to detect friend from foe.