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Microsoft Ignores Update Blocks

28-03-2018 00:00:00

As well as its defective updates, Microsoft recently confessed that it forced the Fall Creator Update (FCU) on to computers, which had been set to block it.
Users running Windows 10 Pro, which costs 100 quid more than Windows 10 Home (219.99 VAT included), can delay feature updates by up to 365 days.
This considered one of the best reasons for upgrading.


However, in early March many Windows 10 Pro users complained that Microsoft had upgraded their machine to the FCU from Anniversary version 1607 or Creators Update (1703).
The company acknowledged this as per their below comment, and explained how to revert to an earlier version, but didn’t apologise.



Microsoft is aware that this notification was incorrectly delivered to some Windows 10 Version 1703 devices that had a user-defined feature update deferral period configured. Microsoft mitigated this issue on March 8, 2018.

Users who were affected by this issue and who upgraded to Windows 10 Version 1709 can revert to an earlier version within 10 days of the upgrade. To do this, open Settings > Update & Security > Recovery, and then select Get started under Go back to the previous version of windows 10.