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Featured Ads – The True Success Story

14-04-2012 00:00:00

As our slogan runs: Local Ads for Local People

There are few incidents in real life that succeed in converting themselves to the stuff that success stories are made of. has just a similar beginning. Would you too desire to be just as successful in whatever business you are doing? Why not follow our example. Let me tell you where it all began.

Advett is an epithet conjured up by one of us for “Advert”. Before it all began, I was sitting in a pub with a Scottish friend who came up with the name. So, kindly don’t be too surprised if it sounds a bit Scottish.

Co-founders of this UK classifieds business are three young enterprising gentlemen; one each from Yorkshire, Scotland and Morocco. A strange blend you may no doubt call, but after having ceaselessly struggled with never-ending job hunts and redundancies, I suppose a certain sort of camaraderie is bound to spontaneously, develop. Other than that, we had also known each other for quite a long time.

Consequently, it was unanimously decided that we needed to seek our fortunes all by ourselves. Having same doubts, as everyone else would have entertained prior to venturing into business; our first steps were logically not only conscious but extremely cautious. To be on the safer side, each one of us continued to hold onto his existing day job: the Yorkshirite as an IT administrator, the Scotsman as a barman, and the Moroccan as an accounts assistant. The marvellous magic of Internet is that it allows you to do such a thing, with no inhibitions whatsoever.

All three of us, having made several vain attempts at holding onto jobs on a permanent basis, finally ended up doing short contracts with various local firms. On account of recession and a consistently declining economy, we were force to frequently jump from one contract to the next. Obviously, there’s a limit to a man’s patience. Being fed up with switching jobs, and constantly losing colleagues every time we were just beginning to know them, drove the final nail into the coffin.

The decision to boldly set out on the adventure of starting our own enterprise was hardly as difficult or as troublesome as one would normally expect such a decision to be. Perhaps, it was the easiest part of starting our new business. However, the question that almost instantly popped up before us was: what should this business actually be? As a result, we unwittingly made a few futile blunders that were unsurprisingly predestined to fail anyway. So, each single time, we simply fell short; mostly even before making the very first moves.

Then one cool evening, sitting peacefully over a drink at our local pub, an idea ingeniously befell us. We daringly ventured to discuss our dreams. While doing so, one of us suddenly mentioned that one of his greatest ambitions and unfulfilled dreams had been starting up an online website for local classifieds, where locals could conveniently meet and exchange unused items that they no longer required. For him; it had always been a fairytale-style dream that visualised coming up with a format that would effectively bring British folks together under one roof, so to say.

This was very much like the re-creation of a bygone single community concept. As anticipated, taking a start was comparable to paddling upstream without a rudder. As you would expect, we were all overjoyed with enthusiasm and full of fresh ideas but actually clueless as to where a beginning could be made to put all these wonderful ideas together. Yet, with sheer hard work and selfless perseverance, Advett stands there today for the world to see – like a dream come true!